How to Get Rid of Acne

face maskTeenagers and adults may suffer from pimples at certain points in their lives. Unfortunately, once this problem hits, it can have a huge impact on their confidence level. You want to look your best, and this includes having clear skin. So, if you are worried about your pimples, and you want to get rid of these fast and safely, then the following tips should help you with your concerns.

1. Ice the area.

If your pimple is just about to erupt, the area may appear swollen and reddish. The best thing to minimize swelling is by applying ice on top of the affected area. This technique also supports circulation of blood while keeping the pores tighter. You may use ice cubes and wrap it in soft cloth before gently applying on the swollen part. Just be sure not to rub the ice harsly since this will only do worse on your skin. Remember, though, that while ice cannot remove pimples, it minimizes swelling and prevents inflammation. So, your pimples will be easier to treat with the right products.

2. Apply tea tree oil.

This ingredient is beneficial for treating pimples because of its antibacterial components. Hence, if there are pimple-causing bacteria on the skin that further worsen your acne, then this product should be helpful. You will also like the fact that tea-tree oil comes with soothing components that minimizes redness of pimples. In case you have whiteheads and blackheads, you can also use this product to make them dry faster. Use a piece of cotton dipped in this essential oil, dab it on your skin and let it stay there for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the area completely and dry your face. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid this product to prevent further irritation.

3. Do some steam cleaning on your face.

steam roomWhat’s good about steam is it allows your pores to open and unclog them. This is very important when you have pimples since this condition is linked with plugged follicles. Thus, you should give your skin a chance to breathe by steaming. To start, fill up a container or basin with hot water. Then, bend over to allow steam to enter the pores of your skin. Do this for up to 15 minutes or until your face starts to sweat from the steam. Lastly, rinse your face and dry with a soft cloth. Do not forget to put some moisturizer all over your face.

4. Apply an acne product that contains Benzoyl peroxide.

Another quick and efffective way to treat acne is by using products that have Benzoyl peroxide as the main ingredient. This is a great substance that removes dead skin while speeding up the cell regeneration. It can also fight bacteria that cause pimples, so this prevents inflammation and further irritation. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to use products with about 3 percent of this ingredient to avoid redness and dryness.

5. Use clay masks with sulfur contents.

You can purchase facial clay masks at the store, which contain sulfur as one of the ingredients. What sulfur does is to minimize the production of oil, which helps reduce clogging of pores. It can also dry up pimples faster, so inflammation is prevented along the way. You may also use clay with azelaic acid, a type of anti-bacterial substance that fights inflammation and redness. In fact, you can even count on this ingredient to minimize dark spots caused by acne.

6. Apply a face mask.

Homemade face masks are great for treating acne as inflammation is reduced. For instance, you can prepare your very own face mask at home using natural ingredients that soothe the irritation such as cucumber or apple. What cucumber does is to lessen the redness, then mix this ingredient with some oatmeal to gently soften irritated skin. To make a paste out of these ingredients, simply combine them in a food processor and mix thoroughly. When ready, you can apply this mask on your skin and leave on for a maximum of 20 minutes. Then, wash the mask off with a gentle cleanser and warm water.

Pimples may ruin your day, but these effective techniques will surely help you back on track and get rid of annoying acne safely and naturally.

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