How to Prevent Acne

soap in handNo one wants to suffer from unsightly and scarring pimples. After all, having zits all over your face makes you feel less confident about yourself. There is an emotional, as well as social impact from having acne, so you need to make an effort to prevent this condition right from the start. It only takes proper habit and effective products that are designed to give you clearer and more radiant skin you have always wanted.

Below are some of the things you can do to ensure your skin’s clarity and prevent acne in simple ways.

1. Cleanse your face regularly.

As a very important part of your daily habit, never skip proper cleansing of your skin twice a day. Upon waking up and before going to bed, be sure to clean your face using the right products that contain gentle and pH-balanced ingredients. Ideally, warm water is good to use along with a mild cleanser that can remove dirt without leaving the skin dry and rough. Moreover, you should never use a loofah or an exfoliating glove on your skin since these can lead to redness and irritation. A soft cloth will do, but be sure to rinse it well after use.

2. Apply a mild moisturizing cream.

After cleansing, make it a point to follow this habit with proper moisturizer. Dry skin makes you prone to blotches or irritation, and you may also notice some peeling. Check with your dermatologist when deciding on the best moisturizer for you. It is also recommended that you go for a non-comedogenic type of moisturizer as this can prevent clogging of pores. Lastly, know your skin type to help you determine the product that suits you best.

3. Use mild and pH-balanced shampoo and body wash.face mask

In the same way, you need to be aware of the shampoo, conditioner and body wash that you use. These should be free from chemicals that harm your skin including phtalates, sulfates and fragrance. Natural ingredients such as herbs and flowers are better options, since you can spare your skin from getting irritated along the way. Fluoride-free toothpaste is also recommended if you are suffering from acne on your chin frequently.

4. Choose the right makeup up to use.

If possible, you should avoid wearing makeup, particularly if you are suffering from serious breakouts. However, if you do want to put makeup to cover your blemishes, you should go for non-comedogenic ones that do not contain oils. These products should also be mineral-based, and avoid using makeup with harsh chemicals, artificial colors, and other harmful components.

5. Use anti-acne products regularly.

acne treatmentAs a part of your skin care regimen, you should consider using the right acne product that could be bought over-the-counter. Ideal ones are those that contain Benzoyl peroxide, lactic acid or glycolic acid as these fight off pimple-causing bacteria. Just be sure to use a small amount first before increasing how much you put on your skin to avoid serious peeling and overdrying of the skin.

6. Never pick on your zits.

Even if you notice a small bump on your skin or what seems to be a potential pimple, never touch the affected area. Your fingers contain some bacteria that can further irritate your skin and cause that bump to become inflamed. It is also not a good thing to pop any pimples using your fingers or other tools sinc scarring can occur. This habit can even infect the area and develop into cystic or inflamed acne. It is best to visit your dermatologist to have the pimple treated the right way.

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy eatingA diet that is mostly plant-based such as fruits and vegetables will help give you clearer skin and prevent instances of getting pimples. In addition, you should get plenty of rest and sleep, exercises regularly and manage stress by practicing yoga, meditating or being exposed to nature. These techniques are not only good in preventing acne, but you can also enhance your overall health and well-being.

The path to achieving beautiful and pimple-free skin is easy, and it is only a matter of developing and maintaining a habit that works for your better health. Always remember that your skin is a reflection of your health, so with proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management, you can be naturally radiant and youthful-looking.

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