Factors Which May Worsen Acne

acne wordThere are several areas where acne is likely to appear including the face, chest, neck and back. As long as the area is prone to excessive production of oil, these are at risk of getting pimples. After all, pimples are formed once follicles are clogged with a combination of dead skin and oil.

Too much oil can build up deep into your hair follicles, and a soft plug is formed. This serves as a suitable spot for bacteria to grow and develop. Once pimple-causing bacteria hits in these clogged pores, the area becomes inflamed and irritated until acne develops.

In some cases, the clogged pore may cause whiteheads, which occurs when the surrounding areas of the follicle bulge. There are also instances when blackheads appear due to the plug that is open to the surface. The clogged area also darkens and appear as stuck dirt, although the reality is the pore becomes plugged with both oil and bacteria.

As for pimples, these are red spots that are raised or swollen. Then, a white center forms the moment clogged follicles are infected. Both inflammation and blockage in the follicle cause lumps that appear as a cyst. The area may be slightly painful and can grow bigger with severe inflammation.

Factors that Can Make Acne Worse

Once acne forms, various factors can make it even worse. These things that can aggravate your acne include the following:

1. Fluctuations of Hormones

The presence of hormones in excessive or too little amounts may worsen your acne. With boys who are in their puberty stage, androgens increase. This type of hormone causes the oil glands to become larger and stimulate production of too much oil or sebum. Thus, pimples may arise, which is typical with both teenage boys and girls. As for adult women, having minimal amounts of this hormone can also cause worsening of acne.

2. Diet

Healthy eatingAccording to studies, some people may suffer from worse cases of acne from eating too much carb-rich foods and dairy including cheese, milk, bagels, and pastries. Hence, it is best to think carefully about your diet and go for fresh produce. Majority of your diet should contain organic fruits and vegetables as these food items cleanse your body and eliminate toxins that could further aggravate your pimples.

3. Friction

When you have pimples, it is best not to touch the affected area to allow it to heal faster. However, if you are frequently touching your pimples, or your clothes cause friction and irritate the area, acne may worsen. The same holds true if you have pimples on your shoulder or back, and your bag is getting into contact with the area quite often.

4. Stress

There have also been studies that exposing yourself to stressful situations can make your acne even worse. Not getting eough sleep, worrying to much, being anxious are all factors that do not do any good to your pimples. Hormonal fluctuations can arise, which may lead to more worries with acne along the way.

By being aware of these things that make your acne worse, you can avoid these situations and achieve quicker healing and recovery from nasty pimples.

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